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At Gerber, our commitment towards sustainability is easy to see. With both the fine plumbing products we offer as well as our manufacturing processes, we place a strong focus on green solutions for both commercial and residential applications. Yet, while we strive for sound, environmentally- friendly practices, we do so without sacrificing the quality, performance and affordability you’ve come to expect from Gerber.

One of the best examples of our water conservation efforts can be found with the Gerber Ultra Flush 1.1gpf and Ultra Dual Flush 1.1/1.6gpf (gallons per flush) models. These high-efficiency toilets are engineered to use 30% less water than the standard 1.6gpf toilet. Conservation is also top of mind with our bathroom faucets, which use water-saving, low-flow aerators that bring water flow down to just 1.5gpm (gallons per minute).This flow reduction not only saves water, but is achieved without compromising product performance.

In every way, Gerber exemplifies the new industry standard of bringing “green” into homes. This begins with the more ecological manufacturing processes used to create our performance-driven plumbing products and continues with the efficiencies and streamlined function these products deliver after they have been installed in bathrooms and kitchens.

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