In business since 1952, Kogge Plumbing, Heating and A/C, Inc.’s mission is to ensure comfort for its customers by bringing the best. In order to provide a high level of quality, Kogge prefers Gerber products. more...
Dayco Plumbing located in Tipp City, Ohio frequently uses Gerber Vitreous China plumbing fixtures. Specifically, long-time employee Mike L. Swearingin has been installing Gerber’s products for more than 30 years. Throughout his budding plumbing career he has experienced many changes in the plumbing business while Gerber has continued to remain a trusted brand. Mike explains why he chooses Gerber: more...
Morningside Plumbing located in Sioux City, I.A. installs toilets almost every day into homes and buildings. When the plumbing crew goes to select a brand and product to choose for a specific location, they typically pick Gerber 90 percent of the time. Lori Corbin, who has been with Morningside Plumbing for over eight years, explained why her company chooses Gerber. more...


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